ConvertBox vs OptiMonk: Which List Building Plugin Is Best?

If you’ve been looking to turn your visitors into engaged email subscribers, and eventually customers, you’ll need a list building plugin.

We’ll cover two popular options on the market currently, ConvertBox vs OptiMonk, so you can make the best decision for your business.

Let’s get into it!

About ConvertBox

ConvertBox is an all-in-one lead generation & nurturing software which helps you get more leads and sales from your website.

Before adding a ton of features and rebranding to ConvertBox in 2018, they were first known as ConvertBar.

In 2021, the company was acquired by Josh Bartlett and his team to help bring them to the next level!

About OptiMonk

OptiMonk is another lead generation platform which claims to be “a smarter way to increase sales & drive conversions.”

Similarly to ConvertBox, they offer advanced targeting and segmentation to better personalize the customer’s journey.

They’ve been around since 2014, constantly adding new features to better serve their clients.

Which has the better features?

ConvertBox Features

ConvertBox is built to help you generate and nurture your leads into paying customers, with personalized and targeted messages.

Whether it’s their analytics, advanced segmentation, or A/B testing, all of the features are designed to help you get better results from your business, without all of the hassle.

Here are the features you’ll get inside of ConvertBox:

  • Boost engagement with more personalised messaging
  • Segment and convert more visitors with multi-step funnels
  • Collect lead data with form fields and deep integrations
  • Boost conversions with built in countdown timers
  • Embed all your favourite marketing tools
  • Create surveys and quizzes to segment, capture and convert your audience
  • Display ConvertBox anywhere on your site
  • Beautiful high-converting templates for every stage of your sales process
  • Create, customize and launch in minutes
  • Collect more data with multi-step forms
  • Target the right visitors at the right time
  • Track everything in real time with detailed analytics
  • Split test your message and see exactly what works
  • Designed to maximize conversions on all devices
  • Manage ConvertBox across all your sites from one simple dashboard
  • Simple 2 minute installation on any type of website
  • A whole lot more inside

If you would like a complete demo of ConvertBox, you can take a look here.

OptiMonk Features

OptiMonk has similar features to ConvertBox, which definitely caught my eye and made me want to try this software out.

Here are the features you’ll get inside of OptiMonk:

  • Turn new visitors into first-time buyers. Convert existing customers into repeat buyers
  • Detect if someone is about to leave your site or page, and prevent cart abandonment
  • Boost average order value and generate larger purchases without increasing traffic
  • Make visitors feel like they have to purchase now with personalized messaging
  • Turn low-engagement visitors into newsletters subscribers for later sales conversion
  • Connect with prospects on Messenger for 85% open rates and 28% click-through rate
  • Build your SMS phone number marketing list by giving clients an option to request a callback
  • Change and optimize your online store based on automated customer feedback
  • Keep visitors aware of important deadlines and deliver changes or key updates
  • Ensure seamless navigation and help visitors find the right products or services
  • Boost lead capture and form conversions, while receiving more custom offer requests
  • Build and grow rich social communities for your prospects to engage with on all platforms

If you would like to take a look at these features in-depth, you can see them here.

How much does each cost?

ConvertBox Pricing

Although ConvertBox isn’t available to the public currently, but we were able to get you a special LTD for our audience.

For a one-time fee of $495, you’ll get special lifetime access which includes the following:

This deal could go away at any time, so getting this deal will help you avoid paying $99 per month for the software…

And if you wanted to upgrade to ConvertBox Pro, which I absolutely recommend if you own and operate multiple websites, it will cost an additional $95 one-time fee:

It’s important to note you will not have the option to upgrade after your initial purchase, it will be a monthly cost instead of a one-time fee.

OptiMonk Pricing

OptiMonk has a lot of different pricing options, but they’re pretty limiting if you’re running a full-time online business.

Here is the breakdown of their pricing plans:

In the long run, purchasing ConvertBox will save you a ton of monthly fees that really start to add up!

Everything else you should know

Which is easier to use?

I found ConvertBox easier to use than OptiMonk, but neither has a steep learning curve.

ConvertBox is better organized and simpler to get started with, taking only a few minutes to get up and running.

Which has the better support?

I haven’t had to contact support for either software, so it’s hard to judge this category.

ConvertBox does have a dedicated Facebook group for its members, while OptiMonk does not.

Which has more integrations?

Both ConvertBox and OptiMonk have a ton of different integrations you can use with their software.

Here are the email service providers you can integrate with ConvertBox:

While ConvertBox works with any website builder, OptiMonk works similarly to a software like Convert Pro, integrating with the most popular website builders – Shopify, WordPress, and a few others you can see here.

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Which has better templates?

OptiMonk and ConvertBox have similar templates, but ConvertBox’s look and perform better in my experience.

They’re modern, conversion-focused, and flexible, as you can see:

Final thoughts

ConvertBox and OptiMonk are similar software, but ConvertBox is the clear winner in this one.

Whether it’s the ease of use, pricing, or advanced features, you’ll get everything you need to generate leads, and nurture them into paying customers.

Pick up the ConvertBox lifetime deal, see how it works for your business, and you can always get your money-back within 30 days if it isn’t a good fit.