ConvertBox vs MailOptin: Which Is Best For Converting Leads?

If you’re looking to grow an email list from your website or blog, you’re in the right spot.

This is a complete comparison between ConvertBox & MailOptin, two of the most popular email opt-in plugins on the market.

By the end of this post, you’ll be able to make the best decision for your business!

About ConvertBox

ConvertBox is an all-in-one email opt-in tool you can use to generate and nurture leads from your website.

One of the best parts of ConvertBox is how it can be used on any website, not just WordPress like MailOptin!

Over the last 5 years, ConvertBox has been rebranded from ConvertBar, and acquired by Josh Bartlett and his team.

About MailOptin

MailOptin is a simple WordPress Plugin you can use to generate leads from your website.

While it doesn’t have nearly the functionality to compare to options like ConvertBox or Convert Pro, it’s great at what it does – email opt-in forms.

Which has the better features?

ConvertBox Features

ConvertBox is filled with features most opt-in tools (MailOptin included) simply can’t compete with.

The main features I like about ConvertBox are its smart targeting & segmentation, simple A/B testing, and advanced analytics!

Here’s everything else that’s included with ConvertBox:

  • Boost engagement with more personalised messaging
  • Segment and convert more visitors with multi-step funnels
  • Collect lead data with form fields and deep integrations
  • Boost conversions with built in countdown timers
  • Embed all your favourite marketing tools
  • Create surveys and quizzes to segment, capture and convert your audience
  • Display ConvertBox anywhere on your site
  • Beautiful high-converting templates for every stage of your sales process
  • Create, customize and launch in minutes
  • Collect more data with multi-step forms
  • Target the right visitors at the right time
  • Track everything in real time with detailed analytics
  • Split test your message and see exactly what works
  • Designed to maximize conversions on all devices
  • Manage ConvertBox across all your sites from one simple dashboard
  • Simple 2 minute installation on any type of website
  • A whole lot more inside

And unlike MailOptin, ConvertBox works with any website builder since you only need to a small line of code!

You can see the complete breakdown of these features in their free demo.

MailOptin Features

MailOptin comes with the essentials for lead generation, email automation & newsletters.

So not only does it integrate with your favorite email autoresponders, it has it’s own (although I haven’t tried it).

Here’s everything else that’s included with MailOptin:

  • Intuitive & Powerful Form Builder
  • Multiple Display Options
  • Convert Abandoning Visitors into Subscribers
  • Create Custom User Registration Forms
  • A/B Testing
  • Content Lock | Gated Content
  • Advance Analytics with Actionable Reporting & Insights
  • MailOptin Leads Is a Backup Strategy for Your Subscribers
  • Catch Your Visitor’s Eye with DisplayEffects
  • Display Rules Highlight
  • Intuitive & Powerful Email Builder
  • Send automated & event triggered emails

You can see everything else MailOptin offers here.

How much do they each cost?

ConvertBox Pricing

ConvertBox isn’t available to the public just yet, but we were able to chat with the owners and get you a special lifetime offer.

Currently, it costs $495 to get the lifetime access and you’ll get the following:

And if you upgrade to ConvertBox Pro, you’ll get these extras as well:

If you own and operate multiple websites, you should 100% grab this upgrade!

MailOptin Pricing

MailOptin’s plans include all of it’s features, but you can use it on more website if you upgrade.

Here’s the complete breakdown:

Since its unlimited lifetime deal costs $999, I’d much rather get ConvertBox’s lifetime deal for $495. It has more options, and it’s a lot more affordable!

Everything else you should know about ConvertBox vs MailOptin

Which is easier to use?

ConvertBox is slightly easier to use than MailOptin, but it’s nothing notable.

Which has better support?

I haven’t had to contact either companies support, but I love the fact ConvertBox has a Facebook group dedicated to their members.

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Which has more integrations?

Both work with the major email service providers and autoresponders, but here’s the complete breakdown for you.

Here are ConvertBox’s integrations:

Here are MailOptin’s integrations:

Which has better templates?

I prefer ConvertBox’s templates quite a bit. They’re modern, flexible, and conversion-focused!

Here are a few of them:

Final Thoughts

While MailOptin is great for building an email list, it lacks the advanced functionality and feature that you can get with ConvertBox.

Between that, and how it’s about twice as expensive as ConvertBox, the choice is simple really:

Pick up lifetime access to ConvertBox, see how it is for the first 30 days, and then get your money back if you aren’t satisfied!